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New section: “My First Games”


I’ve been out of town all week, so I decided to wait a bit to finish the Top 20 and instead have published a different section: My First Games.  This section is more directly nostalgic and discusses the games my sister and I had as kids sometime roughly between the years 1988 – 1994.

This is actually the first part of the website I wrote and I did so several years ago.   At the time, I only planned to write the My First Games section while the rest of the site would be purely statistical.  Honestly, this is my favorite part of the site as it covers the games most closely associated with my childhood as well as the memories of a very specific and formative time in my life.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

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Updated: #80 – 61


If you thought I was one and done, you don’t fully comprehend the depths of my Nintendo obsession!  This week it’s the top NES games of all time from #80 – 61.

In this week’s update I cover such topics as Project Pat, A Boy and his Gimp, The War of Northern Aggression, and screaming marbles.  Plus games like Marble Madness, Ghosts N’ Goblins, Rad Racer, and 17 others!

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Thanks for checking out the site!

The Introduction section explains the system behind the Top 100 NES Games List, and I’ve included a section that lists the Outliers excluded from the final 100.

I’ll be updating the site every week with a new set of top games starting with #100 – 81.  Check back every Monday for updates!

I’ll also be posting some more personal / nostalgic sections such as Top 2 Player Games, Neglected Puppies (hidden gems), and My First Games, so look for those in the coming weeks.  If I get bored or inspired I’ll probably add some more similar articles.


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